Saturday, October 11, 2014

New Blog Home!

Ok, so I think i've ironed out all the kinks..and am officially setting up shop HERE!

I'm going to keep this blog live as long as I can, because it sentimental! I posted first here in 2008. Crazy. Seriously. Cray-Z.

So get in touch over on Tumblr okee?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A little sibling on the way!

So excited for these guys, who I met when this Big-Sis-to-be was just 6 months old.
I just love our visits and celebration of life's big and little milestones.

And pretty cool that Grandpa made it to the shoot, when his flight back to Moscow was leaving later that same day! Thanks for making our photo shoot part of your last day of your trip!

Can't wait to meet the new little...less than a month away!



Saturday, August 16, 2014

A photo shoot on your trip to NYC? Heck yeah!

Had so much fun with these guys!
2 doctors from Germany (yup!) on a work/pleasure trip to NYC...why not schedule some time to hang out together in the summer rays and have someone (me!) record it all?!
It's no secret that we have had a ridiculously lovely summer here in NYC, but every day it is still fascinating. Every sunset feels new, and every picture is it's own story.

Thank you guys for spending your evening with me!
Next time over a "stein" in Germany!


Monday, August 11, 2014

Newborn Photography, 11 Days makes a Big Brother and a Little Sister

I met these guys when this big brother was only 12 days himself..and now at almost 3, he has a new little beautiful sister on the scene.

Shoots with a toddler and a newborn are verrrrry different than the zenlike shoots of a newborn alone. Ha! There is a lot to balance and mostly it's about this life change that has happened for the little toddler, once the only adorable one in the spotlight, having to share. It's no doubt confusing, scary, and exciting for them all at once. And more often than not, they'd rather be playing with any number of toys close by than holding their new itty bitty sibling...but when it happens, it's precious... in a kind of forever way.

Thanks for inviting me to photograph your new family of 4!
It was such a treat.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Engaged in NYC, Congratulations Andrew + Chris!

Ok so....I'm kind of obsessed with these 2 and their love for each other! I mean can I possibly just be in this relationship as a butterfly on the wall, and by some sort of osmosis that will count for being in one myself? Yeah, ok, probably not.

Andrew + Chris were best friends in high school..and now they are getting married. I mean what?! Their sweet affection is so palpable that while we were shooting on the High Line early one weekend morning, an unshaven hipster guy stopped to say, "hey you guys are really cute together."

Days like these I feel so fortunate for my job. To witness a connection so real, so seamless...and to be able to make pictures with them to celebrate it. I'd like to order a lifetime supply of this for the whole world.

So looking forward to your big day guys.
Thanks for inviting me to capture your love in a jar.