Thursday, December 11, 2008

5th Avenue Holidays

New York for the Holidays
Embrace the tourist in you
It makes it more enjoyable, really
The time they put into dressing up 5th ave is remarkable
(and the sales?! mmm, girl!)
And the champagne and hot chocolate they serve at Cartier
while you sit on Santa's lap
with a million dollars hugging your neck.
Its nice to take a holiday in your own city.
It can be done in any city, but today, i'm glad my city is
New York City.

As for the Polaroid project...
have been going strong for 5 years now
Only months ago bought my finest Polaroid camera yet
Red faux snake leather lined like so
Its gorgeous, its fragile
Its days are probably as numbered as the film itself
So for 2009, I'll spend a chunk of change
Collect enough film to get me through the year
And finish out with no regrets, some longing,  and many many square shaped moments.
Oh, and of course, a bang.

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