Friday, February 13, 2009


I love taking classes and try to do it once a year. It keeps me fresh, inspired, and I meet loads of great people. I'm a huge fan of the Santa Fe Workshops (have been out there 3 times), the Maine Workshops, and the Rocky Mountain School of Photography where i spent a summer in 2003.

In NYC, i'm partial to ICP (the International Center of Photography). And i'm taking an advertising photography class there now with Steve Diamond, creative director at Rapp. Its super fun. We get an assignment each week with a tagline...and we are to come up with an image to go with it.

We are on week 3...thought i'd share my finished work from week 1 and 2.

Week 1:
Client: The Cigar Bar at Arthur's
Tagline: Telling intolerant little people to go to hell doesnt necessarily require words.

Week 2:
Client: Prada
Tagline: The price may give your husband a heart attack. Don't worry. It also comes in black.

Week 3:
Client: Timbaland
Tagline: Your mouse does not count as wildlife. (computer mouse that is...)
Stay tuned to see the image for next week! Have a think about what you would do for it also. Feel free to share!

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