Thursday, February 5, 2009

One Polaroid A Day

Here's where my 2 blogs get to mix and mingle!
Polaroids + Kids!

I get endless joy out of watching the look on their faces as the Polaroid comes to life.
I mean we as adults still enjoy watching the Polaroid image materialize, I can only imagine what its like if you are 3 years old!

Owen (top) is the biggest love bug i know. The first time I met him, he gave rounds of goodnight kisses to his parents and then to me... but with this sincerity and determination like i'd never seen. And it went on for rounds and rounds!  His parents and I were in utter tears with laughter. 

Miller and Elizabeth (bottom) came over with their OWN digital cameras, pink and blue plastic. They may have been for 3 year olds, but i took my turn! I've photographed these kids many times now, and Miller has this acute awareness of the camera. He always knows when its on him, he knows where to look and when. Its incredible. And Elizabeth is just plain smart. She might not be so keen on looking into the camera, but I have to admit, I wouldnt be surprised if she already understands apertures and F-stops!

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