Tuesday, August 4, 2009

its been too long!

wow. what happened to july???
wait, i know...
italy, france, switzerland, mexico, texas, and florida!
its so amazing to travel, but its also so amazing to be home!
i have so much to post i dont know where to start.

but i'm taking a deep breath and posting some shots from Lindsay and Augie's GORGEOUS wedding in Tuscany first. I mean seriously? Getting married in a castle in Italy?? It was absolutely dreamlike. Lindsay is a high power talent in a top New York fashion house...so no detail was left undone. But it was done with a whisper, a quiet elegance.

Such a unique way to tell people their table seating. The flowers at the top of the row of names echoed the flowers at your table. And when it got very windy, guests helped by putting little pebbles on the name cards. What a great touch!

Tuscan Wedding 1
Tuscan Wedding 2
The bride and groom's darling daughter. Wouldnt it be fun to know you were at your parent's wedding?
Tuscan Wedding 3
Tuscan Wedding

Tuscan Wedding 4

Tuscan Wedding 5

Tuscan Wedding 6

I admit i would love to see this image really huge on the wall. It feels like a fairytale with the bride disappearing into the gardens holding her daughter.
Tuscan Wedding 7

Tuscan Wedding 8
Tuscan Wedding 9

Tuscan Wedding 10

Tuscan Wedding 11

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  1. wow - you have been all over the world in july!! love these wedding photos.
    {and congrats to you!!}