Thursday, September 24, 2009

If i had known being engaged would be this much fun...

well, of course its not just being engaged itself..but sharing it with Andrew (who by the way, is such a sport...i think he secretly likes these things, or i keep telling myself he does, but he's really not into all the planning. he would've been happy to duck off into the woods somewhere, say I Do, and get on with it all. But well, like I said, he's a good sport! :) I just get such a kick out of all of this. Meanwhile, where do I get the time? I thought I had no time for anything before all of this, and all of a sudden, I have time for all these DIY projects and I just cant stop!

Anyway, 2 weeks ago, we had our engagement party..which was absolutely dream-licious. Despite a few hiccups, like non stop rain that cancelled and delayed flights and sent me into freak out panic mode that everyone was going to miss it..and Andrew saying, "I'm glad we're not actually getting married tonight because I dont want to spend the day I get married like this!"...oh, and we DID actually wake up that day saying, wow, we are so on top of things. Today is going to be so relaxing. Yea, whatever.

The night was amazing though. I literally felt like i was twirling around in a fog (and didnt have a sip to drink!) Seeing everyone you know and love in one room together is downright crazytown. It was one of those nights where Andrew and I looked at each other half way through with that look, "Yea, we did it. I minorly wanted to kill you here and there, and you me. But we did it. And it was so worth it."

So anyway...the night!

Party at Ramscale studio in the meatpacking that is absolutely incredible. You get to pick your own art that they will hang for your party. What?! (tell Rocky we sent you!)

Nisa Lee did our catering. I've known her for years. Example of why I love her so? I called her that morning when I saw the rain, saying "I think we need more tables and chairs! No one is going to be able to use the outside furniture!" (Yea, that's right. I became that GIRL!) Her reaction, "No problem. We can do that. Just breathe. We'll be fine. We'll make it happen." And did she? Oh yea! She takes care of everything. She works hard, and her food is goooood! Plus, isnt she cute?

So you may have seen our engagement party invite. Vane at Brooklyn Bride put it up first, and then it went viral! So much fun. Check it out here, here, and here.
Anyway, we took the invite and made postcards out of the pages of the book.  Put stamps on them and made it into our sign-in book.(to go along with our UPS theme..the scene of the crime, better known as where we met.) Now we're getting postcards in the mail. What's better than real MAIL? up...our photo booth pictures! 
stay tuned...

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