Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jill & Duce, September 26 2009

Jill & Duce had a gorgeous wedding a couple weeks ago. It felt very "them." as they stayed close to their neighborhood and put together a true New York City wedding. They have such a clear and present admiration for each other and an amazing group of friends. It almost felt like the whole wedding was one big billowy cloud of love surrounding them. Andrew and I really were so touched to share in this wedding. All the best to you Jill and Duce!


One of my favorite thing about having both Andrew and I shooting together, is putting the Getting Ready images together. I absolutely love seeing what each of them was doing at the same time, while preparing to see each other for the first time.

Aren't kids just classic?
jill duce 3

jill duce 5

jill duce 6

jill duce 4

jill duce 7

jill duce 8

Duce's grandfather made this brandy when Duce was born...to be opened and drunk on his wedding day..can you believe?! His parents flew it over from Europe, and everyone at the wedding shared in a shot of it! It was so sweet and from everyone's face, quite strong!

jill duce 9

I love this shot that Andrew got at the very end of the evening as Jill went outside to say some goodbyes.

jill duce 10

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