Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My dress in seat 22F

Ok..just have to fill you in on destination wedding challenges..how the heck do you get your wedding dress to your wedding???

Now that there are no more hanging bag areas (or very few) on airplanes...the idea of folding it up into a 24x18 inch square was slightly less than desirable. Alas, i google "how to get my dress to destination wedding" and found an idea...GET YOUR DRESS AN AIRLINE SEAT. hahah!

honestly, on jet blue it wasnt too expensive...plus i think its worth a bit of sanity knowing that i have the dress...i mean, its one checked bag i wouldnt want to lose. 

so..looks like it will be the 3 of us on the plan andrew! maybe the dress will help us score an extra bag of organic animal crackers and a bag of blue chips! woo hoo!

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