Monday, February 22, 2010

deja vu! 3:30am and i'm still packing!

Seems a similar situation occurred about 3 weeks ago! Only instead of packing lots of pretty things like feather hair clips and a red lipstick, i'm packing malaria pills and toilet paper!

sorry the picture updates for feb were scarce...but i think the time in february must actually move faster than it does or has in other months. is that at all possible?! maybe its because i spent most of my waking hours rehashing our wedding!

anyway, honeymoon begins in 90 minutes! no sleep til....newark!

when i spoke to my friend andrea on the phone yesterday, she said why dont you photograph what you are packing? great idea! (plus it helped me get even better!)

You get a sense of my 3 trips to CVS today here.


so we are heading to an orphanage for 2 weeks in Nepal. So we are bringing a few things for the kids. The problem is we have no idea how many kids there are. I'm hoping 8 toothbrushes is a good thing and not the cause of any tears! But on the bright side, the sticker books and tattoo books have 200 each inside!


ok and now i have to show you because i'm shocked myself..but these 3 bags are all my clothes! Yay! And because of this, pictures we upload during our trip will most likely not show us at our fashion forward best.


Bon Voyage tutti! Happy trails. Speak to you from literally, the other side of the world.

p.s. we'll have email...and wedding season is getting booked! so dont hesitate to email us while we're travelling! We'll definitely get back to you! xxx

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  1. Malaria medicine? Did you hear This American Live, episode #399, Act 3, "The answer to the riddle is me"?