Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's ALMOST that time!

Andrew has been super busy over the past few months designing and making a new lines of TABLES!

They are officially finished! And we've spent many late nights photographing the hell out of these bad boys.

I cant wait to share the shots, the tables, and the new site...COMING SOON.

but in the meantime, i cant resist posting a couple behind the scenes pics from our shoot yesterday...the designer himself was a model in one of the shots.
yeah baby!

(the great thing about the photo shoot, with a stylist, is that he couldnt say no! he had to wear what we wanted him to wear. i think i'm going to tell him that every day from now on we are going to have a photo shoot. haha!)

Aandrew 2



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  1. Uncle Stevie would be so proud of the last one! I especially love the yellow tie and the hairstyling!! Great job, both of you!! Love you! Mom