Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day + Bikes+ Sun + Ice Cream

was that weekend even for real?? maybe "they" were just trying to sweeten us with amazing weather so we would FORGET that summer is over!! worked!
(for the moment anyway!)

longest bike ride i've ever been on!
36 miles!
from brooklyn to the very top of manhattan..literally where the east river comes around the top of the island.
very cool.
such a great way to see, feel, smell new york.

and riding your bike on a holiday in the city is craaaaazy (fun).
its all your senses on alert at high speed.
dogs, roller bladers, babies, kids on training wheels, super speed olympic dudes on bikes, pedestrians, people who stop to tie their shoe or wave to their friend.
Passing On Your Leeeeeeeeeeft.

woo hoo.

GW bridge



hope you guys had a great holiday weekend too!

Fall Season here we come! Let's do it!

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