Friday, October 8, 2010

19 Hours in Boston

I made a spur of the moment quick trip up to Boston this week.

My cousin Julie's oldest daughter Jane was turning 8.
I love that girl big time so i decided to go surprise her for her bday.
When she walked in the door from her piano lesson and saw me, she did a bee line right into my arms, wrapped her legs around me like a fancy ice skating move and we twirled and twirled. Those 20 seconds were worth the 4hr drive up and back. Though hello, where are the drive through Starbucks along the way?? I looked for 4 hours and came up with bubkiss.

Here's a oldie but goodie of Jane.
April 7, Camera Girl

Made the family rounds a bit more. Saw cousin Rebecca whose Gallows restaurant just tied for Best Gastropub in Boston. You go girl!

And also got to meet the newest cousin on the scene, Ellie! Cousin Danny + Brooke are proud new parents and it was a treat to be able to photograph them. Ellie was a perfect little model, completely fixated on my camera. Congrats you guys!





See you cats soon.


  1. Wow- I am so lucky to have a cousin like Jami. She takes the best pictures ever.
    She is the BEST!
    Thanks for letting me gaze at your camera and poop on the set.
    Can't wait to see you again soon.

    Hugs and kisses,

  2. How exciting for me to be able to see my great nieces, especially through the lens of my daughter's camera! Ellie, you are so beautiful and I apologize for being derelict in welcoming you to the world! Mazel tov to Mom and Dad! Ya done good! Happy Birthday to big girl Jane! Jami just cannot say enough good things about you! Mazel tov to Rebecca, also! I am totally impressed! Cannot wait to try you out one of these days!
    Love to all!
    auntie jo