Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nathan, 13 Days

Seriously. Or rather as East Side Bride says, Srsly.
Seriously or srsly, I love my job. Most days I really like my job, but then some days i LOVE it. I mean sometimes I just feel so damn lucky.

And photographing Amy, Seth, and newborn Nathan last week was one of those days.

I went to college with Amy and Seth (those college lovebirds!), and I spent many college days laughing with Amy. (That girl is always smiling!) We hadn't seen each other in years, only to run into each other a few months ago in the city when Amy was counting down the weeks to her due date. We made a plan then to photograph the new little guy when he came on the scene.
Enter Nathan.

It really feels like a gift, I mean not to be too cheesy, but to be able to reconnect with an old friend on such a personal level, witnessing the new phase in their life, and doing everything I can to capture it in a way that will make them happy to look back on that day, this new life, with awe and joy.

It was an honor you guys. And 'srsly', Nathan was such a little songbird rockstar. Joy!



As Andrew said when he saw this one, "Victory!"


omg, this cracks me up.



Isabella Rosallini, I'm just sayin


Behind the scenes


Seth and Amy bought this glass bowl on their honeymoon. Love.



all the best to you guys.
big love


  1. OK, so I've seen all of your baby shots up to now, and I have been blown away, but I gotta tell ya, THESE TAKE THE CAKE!!!!! OMG!!! Can you say absolutely amazingly incredible?????? You are the BEST photographer in the land and you know why? Because you capture more than just the subjects in your photos. You capture the intangibles, too, like LOVE!!!!! Way to go to the photog and the lucky, beautiful family!!