Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Amanda + John | E-Session in Brooklyn

Love Em and Leave Em...Fall Leaves and Brooklyn Love that is!

Amanda and John are so insanely cute together its nutty.

And Amanda's New York experience has been quite unique I'd say. She moved to NY from California, found an apartment within a few weeks, found an awesome job a few weeks after that, and then at the company holiday party, met her soon to be husband John a few weeks after that! You go girl. And now 4 years later, they are making it official showing everyone at work that all that watercooler talk was the real deal! Ha!

A couple weeks ago we had a ridiculously gorgeous day in Prospect Park. The park is super important to Amanda and John..they spend every morning there with their dog in the wee hours (haha) when dogs can run leash free. So it was super fun to photograph them there...and i went to parts of the park i'd never been to myself. Geez, I've been in NY for almost 12 years and i feel like i've only tapped the surface.

We'll be photographing Amanda and John's big day next fall when they tie the knot.
Stay tuned!

(and stay dry. its an inside out umbrella kind of day here today! ay!)











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