Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hook Em Horns-This is Texas

Although I grew up almost completely and entirely in Texas, I'm a little green on lots of things Texas. I know my share of country music, but that's only because they play A LOT of the same country music i listened to x years ago! Its always nice to come home and turn to a station though and be able to reach in the (not so) back of my mind and belt out 'That Aint my Truck in Her Drive' like no time has passed at all.

But enter some REAL texas kids, and I have to step back. Liz has been one of my besties since high school. We lived together in Colorado where she met and later married Josh. Now they're pretty much the mayors of Austin, and twins Conrad and Smith have been raised in a burnt orange world.

When this LONGHORN roamed up to the photo shoot, my instinct was to back up like i'd just turned down a NY street that has a garbage truck on it. But not the kids. It was as if they'd seen sweet and harmless Big Bird!

It was a gorgeous day on many levels. So fun to see the kids growing up and to be able to photograph with those that are so close to me.

Stay warm!












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