Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's Here. Kids of Kathmandu Inaugural Gala is TOMORROW.

Kids of Kathmandu

I am so excited!

And if i stop to think about it too much i just go bonkers.
To think that just over a year ago we were meeting these children that would inspire us to launch Kids of Kathmandu...I am so looking forward to being able to report back to the kids with the results of all the efforts here.

In the process, we've met and collaborated with so many people that have given so much time and so much heart to this is truly incredible what can be accomplished when you are spurred by the energy of giving. It seems to be a bottomless well that only becomes more and more fullfilling the deeper you dig.

I'd like to just link to some of the really important people that helped Kids of Kathmandu become what it is.
My husband Andrew Raible who put together The Desk Project giving Kids of Kathmandu a really special voice in the philanthropy we combine photography + design to raise awareness of the orphans of Nepal.
I dont think either of us had a clue what we were getting ourselves into with this project, it has grown like a beanstalk. It has been trying at times, working so intensely together on a vertical learning curve...but i would do it all again with Andrew in a heartbeat.

Danielle Primiceri our amazing web designer. I know i'm biased, but i lOVE our website!

Megan Isaak our social networking guru and wordpress expert!

Michelle Brady, Whitney Doherty board members extraordinaire who are vital backbones to our decisions.

Vendors-Nisa Lee, an amazing friend and brilliant party planner, chef, caterer. I cant imagine ever doing a party without her. She takes the stress out of it all!

Photo Printer-Ray Henders at Rayographix, again, working with talented and professional friends make all the difference. Ray printed the photo installation and did a gorgeous job.

Other vendors we used and worked with us so generously
The crew at Novita Communications and Design Calendar
Jill Malek for our gorgeous book layout and design.
Michael Cohen for the awesome desk posters.
Plywerk-bamboo mounted prints
paperchase-book making
Steve's Key Lime Pies
Palm Bay Wines
VOS wines
Our venue Ramscale Love them!

See you tomorrow!!!

Peace. Namaste. Om. Woo hoo!!

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