Monday, May 2, 2011

Luca is growing

oh how i love my friends Jill + Vram and little boy Luca.

Luca was only a little itty bitty one here...

and now dad is measuring him growing into a boy!! and the fact that they look like they stepped out of a mag is just how it goes for them.

i love little luca..he's flirty, spunky, smiley, goofy, gorgeous, and absolutely heart melty

i crashed family sunday this week while mom jill ( helped us lay out our photography book for Kids of Kathmandu.

Thanks for providing the shake it photo moments (formerly known as kodak moments)

big love


Luca is growing

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  1. it would be awesome if you could take a photo exactly like this in polaroid format as he grew. and then put them together. love the square format of polaroid.