Monday, June 20, 2011

Amol + Sumathi, Sangeet Party

I love my job.
Can i really call it a 'job??'

Each day is different and new.
Each shoot I meet amazing new people.
A family shares their traditions with me, and in turn, I am lucky enough to share my perspective with them.

A very accomplished and intelligent couple, Amol and Sumathi were surrounded by friends and family that brought the musical thunder like i've never seen before. Performance after performance was unbelievable! And the groom himself even got up there and jammed like we were at a Colorado music festival. (Sangeet translates literally to mean 'sung together.')

What a night!

And an interesting thought..the mother of the groom asked for some black and white that we could "see the people." I found it amazingly insightful. Its pretty much a fact that when you think of Indian culture and at a traditional celebration such as this Sangeet, you think of all the bright (and amazing) colors. And what an idea to take that factor out of the picture entirely...and see the people and the moments. Thank you Neelu for that request!

(i was introduced to this family when i photographed Amol's sister + family here last year.)

All the best to you guys!
Thanks for sharing your night with me!

the bride looking at her groom







the groom on stage

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