Friday, October 7, 2011

A Genius.

I've found myself particularly contemplative the past 36 hours since Steve Jobs passed away and i dont think i'm alone.

When we got a breaking news report pop up on Andrew's iPhone, we were in a meeting with 5 other people. We all reached for our iPhones and quiet came over the room. I thought about all of the physical contributions he made to my life starting with the Apple IIe, the ipod, iphone, iPad, and Mac computer in general. These objects are part of my every day life, I depend on them for my career as a photographer, as a friend, as a granddaughter, as a daughter, as a student (of life), every single day.

Then i mulled over his character and his many quotes that are being passed around and passed on, how he never settled and was never complacent. How he was inspiring in how much he was able to achieve and shape the world around him forever.

I asked myself, why is the loss or actually the existence of this one person affecting me so much? And i realized that plain and simply, he was a good guy. There is so much disappointment these days with the politicians, the money makers, the athletes, the starlets. We rarely hear about someone in a position of power that doesnt abuse it, that isnt stealing, cheating, or just plain making bad decisions. And here is a guy that has probably changed the world more than any other person will in my lifetime, not in a far off unrelated way, but in my day to day living, in the very keyboard i'm using to type this, and the monitor i'm using to look at this.....and he was a good man.

He gave us hope and he performed magic. And now behind the curtain, poof. He's gone.

Here's hoping that the magic can live on.

Steve Jobs, Thank you and Farewell.

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