Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hello from Nepal!

An amazing few days spent in india...time in Varanasi, which happened to coincide with their biggest festival of the year. Tens of thousands of people dipping themselves into the River Ganges (the Ganga)...was unlike anything id ever seen before. Amazing beyond words. Having trouble uploading images too so will include more stories with the photos when we are back.

Now we are in Nepal. So great to be back. Oh how i love this country.
We are updating a tumblr page as we are in Nepal for the next week with our organization Kids of Kathmandu.

Follow us on tumblr here

Or our kids of Kathmandu Facebook page here!/pages/Kids-of-Kathmandu/106240339441257

Heading to see the kids later this afternoon. I can't believe it. I hope I can keep it together.

Love to all

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