Thursday, March 22, 2012

Little Mia welcomes Baby Jack

Still catching up posts from our trip to LA.... and this day was definitely a highlight.

I got to photograph my college roommate Michelle and her 9 days fresh, family of four!

For the first 10 minutes little Mia wouldnt say a word. She hid behind her mom shy as a mouse when this stranger with a camera came in the house. (But if she looked on the shelf, she would see a photo of me on a girl's trip with her mom to Vegas. Haha! Different time!)
Anyway, the moment we walked into newborn Jack's room, Mia turned into a Jack herself...Jack in the Box! Surprise! She was at full tilt and i fell madly in love with her! Look at the locks!

I myself know there is a transition when your new brother comes into the world. We have an awesome audio tape that i need to dig up (that my brother actually played at my wedding!) where my dad tells me
"Guess what? Mommy had a boy. You have a baby brother!"
To which i sob...."I dont want a brother! I want a sister!"
Oh man. Its classic. Thank you dad for recording that on a good old fashioned casette recorder! And dad says "Well, we can't take him back!" hahaha!
Needless to say, i cannot IMAGINE my life without my brother...and to watch Mia in her first days with a brother that will be her teammate for life, it was gorgeous.

Love you Michi + Vlad! I'm so happy to share in these new post-Vegas parts of life together.


How cool is Dad as DJ?? It was a dance party for sure.


This image says it all. That's a wrap!


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  1. What precious, precious photos of such precious, precious kids!! The very first one, with the big, pink MIA on top, is grand! Hi, Michelle! Ya done good!! As far as Ms. Photog's personal story about having her own little brother, well, all I can say is your telling of it brought tears to my eyes!!! "Teammate for life." How I love that!!