Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chicago Family Photography...At the Beach!

I love how Chicago has this full beach right in the middle of the city! It feels like an ocean...you have to remind yourself its actually a lake!
Rachel was my college roomie for 3 years...and it was so much fun to be able to spend time with her family and photograph everyone at their backyard beach!
I fell madly in love with Livi and miss her dearly! Owen is such a sweet soul with some top notch brains (yes, he can school me on Words with Friends).

Its an amazing experience to have been there with your friends in the early years when you are up at 2am ordering pizza and watching MTV (yes, the old days....) to watching them grow into amazing parents. And to be able to document it is even better.

Thanks for a great visit Rachie + Adam!



  1. Beautiful family, you did awesome work!!!! Your work is so adorable. These pictures are so amazing! The work of Chicago family photographers is so wonderful!

    1. Thanks so much Jose! We appreciate it!