Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kids Birthday Party...Happy One Year Gabriel!

I'm sorry, but there is just no way around are going to wish this 1 year old birthday party was your own!

From the 10 foot high balloons, to the elephants (elephants symbolize just about everything that is good in the world, and Gabriel's parents have been sure to surround him with these lovable creatures!) to the grey tusk inspired cupcakes (vegan, all natural coloring!)...this party was modern family fun at its best.

It was a family only party which was insanely special, especially when we orchestrated a photo with great grandma and her 3 great grandchildren. Its times like those that i have a sort of out of body experience...knowing that as i'm capturing this moment, this is an image that will be looked back on for generations. This is life...and I'm so grateful for the chance to help families capture this joy forever.

Happy Birthday Gabriel!
You are one cute little guy!


Behind the Scenes:
Party Decoration: Sissy + Marley
Food, including cupcakes: Eli Margulies
Gabriel's Party Crown: Oeuf

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  1. Your sentiments, let alone your photos, are priceless! How lucky for all that you were the one chosen to show the world what an extended, loving family is all about! Beautiful family, beautiful photos!