Sunday, November 18, 2012

New York Family Photography, Central Park of course!

I've said it before! One of my favorite parts of my job is getting to see old friends that I havent seen in a long time... to meet their families and see them as 'grown ups' is really just such a treat!

Debra and I went to college together and she purchased a photo shoot with me that i donated to an auction for an amazing organization called Manitou Experience that offers a summer camp for kids who have lost a loved one.

With 2 little dudes, it was, lets call it, an 'active' photo shoot! (Ben has a great nerf frisbee arm, so much so that i almost lost a tooth in the final moments. ha!) But Debra is almost like a zen mommy, so nurturing and so beautiful, and with her family of boys around her, i couldnt help but feel so proud... to see my friends grow up to be such amazing people makes my heart skip a beat.

All the best to you guys!
And thanks for spending your morning with me.



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