Thursday, December 6, 2012

3 Month Baby Photography- with Lucy!

I have known Lucy's mom, Lilli, since we were 10 years old!
From a little place that takes up a huge part of my heart, Camp Pinecliffe.

So getting a chance to photograph her and her new beautiful family of 3 was crazy cool. Aren't we just a few years out of camp though? How is this possible??
Just say the word, and i'll be over to sing with you and start teaching Lucy the camp songs now. Its never too early.

Lucy is adorable. Doesn't bat an eyelash at the big dog. And has just so many expressions!
She speaks volumes with those little eyebrows!

Thanks for inviting me to spend the morning with your family!


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  1. OMG! These photos are wonderful!! Lucy is soooo adorable (and I love the name!!) They just make me want to pinch her chubby little arms! Hi, Lilli! Jami, what you wrote about Pinecliffe was short and yet, so powerful OK, so maybe your spending so many summers away from your mommy wasn't such a bad idea, for you, anyway!