Monday, December 17, 2012

Baby Photography, Zoe is 7 Months!

oh. my. gaw.
She is squishy and smiley, and from the very moment she walked into my studio, she was ON.
There was no time to waste, she was throwing the best smiles at me and i did not want to miss a one of them.

Dad John is a supa fly Broadway Producer that I have known for a few years, and it was an awesome change of scenery (ha!) to meet his gorgeous wife Kristen and baby Zoe for a family shoot! Zoe seems to already be a daddy's girl, and that is pretty melt-worthy to see.

My mouth hurt from smiling after hanging out with this trio for the morning, and it hurt even more while i was editing these images! Zoe is so entertaining.

Thanks for coming over guys!
What a treat.



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