Friday, November 1, 2013

And Newborn Ben makes 4!

So i'm mildly obsessed with this family, as I've been photographing them since mom was pregnant with little Ruby....and every time, they just bring the goodness.

Mom and Dad have such a good creative and centered energy, always have, and Ruby has been a dream to photograph for a while now. And now that she is an older sister...well, honestly, i've never seen something so tender. The reality is that it's not always like this....this LOVE and adoration she has for little Ben already. I know from my own experience, i cried my eyes out (not from joy) at 3 years old when my parents told me they were bringing home a baby brother! (I do love him now though!)

But Ruby...she closes her eyes and breathes him in...she is just the most zen little 2.5 year old i've ever known. I want to take her yoga class already!

Congratulations L, T, R, and B!
This little family embodies all the love that is Brooklyn.
Thank you (!) for inviting me to document your sprouting garden!


And check out this nursing baby doll! She can do it side by side with mom! Ruby takes it very seriously. Love her.

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  1. I'm a photographer, and I'm a childhood friend of Lynne's so I was captivated by these photos! Ah, Ruby - that first one of her is just so amazing. Great family! Amazing photos!