Monday, December 9, 2013

Dallas Family Photography on a Crisp Fall Day

I grew up in Dallas, and love going back for, football, food....and (f)photography! With people I haven't had a chance to see in a long time!

Mom Holly got in touch with me to photograph her 3 girls...which was crazy when we realized that her oldest daughter is the age Holly and I were when we met. How does that seem like only yesterday??

These sisters were so sweet together...with the Texas manners that always pleasantly surprise me after spending so much time in New York ('Miss Jami' I was...)

And by the end, the littlest one was directing the whole shoot..."move your head, stand here, smile."
No joke.

What a treat. Thanks for inviting me to document your family Holly!


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  1. Good thing it's not MY family, because I wouldn't know which one to use for a holiday card! Such an adorable family! I especially like the missing teeth! So cute! Looks like you were able to capture the last of the fall foliage before we got ensconced in the ice age! It's so good to see Holly again! Jami, why don't you or your friends AGE????