Tuesday, December 10, 2013

NYC Family Photography with a new little brother on the scene!

People often ask me what is the most enjoyable age to photograph...which of course I can't answer because I adore all of them for such different reasons...but i can say, the most beautifully chaotic shoots involve newborns or any babies under 6 months that can't yet sit up alone yet, plus another under 3 years that pretty much speaks mostly in terms of skittles or m&ms. Throw in a dog and we've got a reality show on our hands...hmmm...that's an idea!

Anyway, no dog here (that's tomorrow) but this shoot was the full on fun that produces images full of energy, and leaves those of us (adults!) at the shoot sweaty and slightly disheveled, leaves babies hopefully sleeping, toddlers full of chocolate and in need of lunch, the apartment the site of a small twister, and leaves me grateful for the people I meet along this journey.

Thank you guys for inviting me to document your family!
All the best


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