Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ballerinas in New York!

Ahhhh! How stunning are these girls?!

So, Saturday evening I was in Central Park scouting locations for a family shoot that was to happen the next morning...when I saw 3 of these girls snapping photos of each other doing dance poses with their iphones. I had the inner i talk to them, do i not...yes even after shooting all these years, that pause, that question, still exists!
But I did, and we took a few fun iphone shots, and Sophia who is a spunky little businesswoman for being in high school, said can we do a shoot....tomorrow?! Great! Same place same time, but this time with 5 of us?! I was like...ummmm, YES!

These girls are here from Miami studying ballet in New York for the summer...and what a treat this was. They were troopers...rolling around on rocks, wooden planks, having frequent mice visitors (it's New York after all!), tourists looking on...what a day.

Dance on're fabulous.


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