Monday, August 11, 2014

Newborn Photography, 11 Days makes a Big Brother and a Little Sister

I met these guys when this big brother was only 12 days himself..and now at almost 3, he has a new little beautiful sister on the scene.

Shoots with a toddler and a newborn are verrrrry different than the zenlike shoots of a newborn alone. Ha! There is a lot to balance and mostly it's about this life change that has happened for the little toddler, once the only adorable one in the spotlight, having to share. It's no doubt confusing, scary, and exciting for them all at once. And more often than not, they'd rather be playing with any number of toys close by than holding their new itty bitty sibling...but when it happens, it's precious... in a kind of forever way.

Thanks for inviting me to photograph your new family of 4!
It was such a treat.


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