Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Passengers need not apply

Big thanks to all of you...who showed up early (sometimes too early), who stayed late (always too late) and who were never afraid of a little hustle.

And to you Marie, for everything....muah!

Crew: Manjari Sharma, Gabriela Herman, Rob Lowell, Lorie Reilly, Tom Neal, Erika Hokanson, Gila Bendelstein, Michael Fiske, Emily Sperry, Briana Johnson, Corey Lugg, Fred & Ciners.


  1. you're such a great writer duuuuude. because of your blog and photos (and about a years worth of phone calls - lets be honest) i'm finding that I really care about handbags and jewelry too! Who knew! This blog rocks duuude! Of course it does! YOU're doing it. Now who wrote this?

  2. I love this photo! aww! <3 love emily