Friday, August 21, 2009

Boys of Summer

Reunited with a camp friend Rachel from years ago (thank you facebook)...and was in her neck of the woods this summer in Florida. So we set up a photo session! 

Her energy is addictive and I couldn't help but be transported back to camp days in my mind when being around Rachel, with her smile and her scratchy voice, was enough to wash any hint of homesickness out of your system. She was the very definition of camp.

Damn how I love be able to reunite with people i love who are sprinkled all over the globe, and to see how their life has grown, and to make pictures to celebrate and document that..well, yea...i dig it. 

 Boys Summer 09_164

Boys Summer 09_131

 Boys Summer 09_103

 Boys Summer 09_098

 Boys Summer 09_079

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