Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dear Mom!!

mom n me

Still catching up here...but in early July, Mom came to town from Dallas...and went with me to buy my dress!!
Honestly, I tried on about 50 dresses...all with various lovely friends whose opinions i want and need during this big decision (i'm a libra...any decision is big, let alone your wedding dress!)

After 50 dresses, i had one and only one that i loved...but mom wasnt convinced from the pictures i'd sent her. So she made the trip to NYC...from the minute she saw it, she loved it. She is NOT a libra..and after walking around the city for another half hour, we decided to call the store, and tell them we were in!! 

We snapped this picture after we hung up the phone. So exciting. Mom and I went for margaritas after that. And that night I took her to Lincoln Center for the ballet. 

Thanks so much for coming to NYC for that trip mom. It was so special to me! I'm so lucky. I love you!

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