Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I love our invites! I cant lie.

I'm totally in love with our invites. I tend to obsess over itty bitty details. And when that all pans out in the end for the best, well then yee haw. Its worth it!

And its all thanks to four talented people.

1. Alessandra Olanow, super fantastic illustrator. Alex and I went to college together and have managed to run into each other here and there in the city over the years. I've had her business card on my desk for a couple years, with a fun and quirky illustration on it. When we started talking about doing a drawing for our invites, i knew just who to turn to. Check her out!

2. Julie Crosson, graphic designer, illustrator extraordinaire. Julie has a company called Little Uni that she started with one of my besties from college where they design awesome unique baby tees and more. Julie designed our whole invite and we were on the right track right away. Andrew and i told her the vibe and the overall look we were going for, and she came up with fun and interesting ideas right away. It was such a fun collaboration project, i'd design again with her anyday!

3. Tim Chapman, Press New York. And i just found this video on YouTube of Tim and the letterpress. I also took pictures of our little invite on the letterpress behind the scenes. Wow. What a craft! Its beautiful. And Tim gets this whole rhythm thing down like he's doin the salsa. He's super reasonably priced and can turn around the job super quickly.

4. And finally my own Andrew. Who really had great ideas along the way. And was so much fun to design with, as usual! Thanks babe!

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