Wednesday, December 16, 2009

six weeks and counting sheep!

here they come!
WEDDING-wake you up in the middle of the night- NIGHTMARES!
we're 6 weeks away!!
only this time, i'm not showing up to a final exam unprepared, or naked!
this time, i'm not oversleeping for a job, or a test.
this time, i'm not showing up to a shoot without my cameras.
no, this time, i'm at my wedding, without anything to wear!
everyone was waiting..and i was trying on all sorts of outfits. kept taking things on and off, my hair was static cling! and i didnt even have time to shower! and it was my wedding.
woke up...phew. and then kind of i really going to have nightmares about my wedding?? this is too funny!

the good thing is, i DO have something to wear. and a couple weeks ago, i found my shoes.
i have to share..because it really was a long search. thanks for getting into it with me mom! something comfy, but something sexy. something wedding worthy, but not too bride-y. something high but not too high. oh, and the hardest of all, something my size!! i think i'm shrinking.

anyway, there is one good thing about the state of this economy i have to say...and that is that you can walk into a proper Oscar de la Renta store, where everything is fall on the floor can fall in love with a pair of shoes, you can find out they have your size!, and can find out they are on sale!! what?
so i got them. and then i got this note in the mail. oh they are good.

anyway, hope all you brides are sleeping in dream land free of nightmares, and that if you have nightmares, they stay in your dreams, far from all reality!!


p.s. if you are looking for wedding shoes, my 2nd choice was going to be kate spade. she actually makes loads of great looking shoes that are cute and sophisticated and different and wedding worthy but not barf my opinion at least! g'luck!

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