Monday, January 25, 2010

its 330am and i'm still packing!

(here's a pic of Esin, my seamstress when i picked up my dress. She is the BEST. i absolutely adore her. Her company is called Sew Elegant on W 39th. And i cant recommend her enough. Aside from the fact that she does amazing work, she has the most amazing positive spirit. It was always such a treat to go see her.)

It's here. Its finally here! 
We are leaving in the morning for Mexico to get MARRIED!
i cant believe it.
nor can i believe that we are leaving in 3 hours and i'm still packing. 
but this is fairly normal for my travel habits i have to say.
and if it weren't for andrew, i'd have 20 hours of packing ahead of me instead of 20 minutes.
(and if he knew i was updating my blog right now, he might just have my head. ha!)

i think we've planned all we can plan. now its just time to let it happen.
we've been engaged for 10 months. and it was perfect! i'm ready for the next challenge. bring it on. 

all i care about at this point, is that everyone makes it there safely and then has the time of their life. and that andrew and i can take a step back and breathe it all in, breathe each other in. because this is once in a lifetime. ahhhhhhhh!

wishing you a week of love wherever you are!



  1. Hey Jamie!
    It's Bryan Johnson!
    I saw an old image of yours on Snippet and Ink and wound up on your blog.
    Just wanted to say good luck in Mexico! Can't wait to see some of the shots. I'm sure you are going to be beautiful.

  2. You're so beautiful! Sending happy thoughts your way! Love, HAT

  3. thanks bryan and heather! both old photo friends...much appreciated. i cant believe it came and went. amazing. photos to roll in shortly. hope you guys are well and i know well you both are! x