Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The word 'market' is forever changed

Yesterday and today felt like 2 different cities!
And that is primarily due to our visit to Chandni Chowk, the Spice Market.
The thing is Andrew and I did very little research before we got here as far as what to see/ although i really dont think there is anything you can do to prepare yourself for the experience, watching the movie trailer might help a little. But then again, i never watch movie trailers. I prefer the surprise and I prefer to take it as it comes. And that is exactly what we did.

The only thing i knew is that we were going on a rickshaw through the market because no cars were allowed. As we drive down a street that is getting smaller and smaller, our driver finally pulls over, drafts one of the rickshaw drivers standing there, tells us to get in, and we're off. (our driver came with us and sat on the back of the rickshaw which was cute i thought at the time, and later i thought holy *** i'm so glad he's with us).

After 30 seconds in a rickshaw, i turn to our driver (Pracket) and ask, how long is this ride?
"45 minutes," he says. Alrighty then! Again, we could've watched the movie trailer, or heck, even asked anyone if they'd seen the movie! But we didnt. Slowly though, I start to understand..the ride is half the experience. Honestly there are no words to describe it. We'll have to upload some of the movie clips we took. I just dont even know where to start.

But here are some of the amazing things. Despite complete and utter chaos (i think our rickshaw hit someone twice, someone backed into our car once), everyone's temper is so even keeled. No one gets upset. I guess when you are surrounded by people elbow to elbow and you are attempting to work, you are carrying huge bags on your head, you are pulling a cart loaded with i have no idea what, you are fixing up your spice stall to look better than the next, you have to keep some sort of inner peace. And how those guys in that market do it and have done it for centuries is mind blowing and awe inspiring.

After the market, we visited the largest Mosque in India, right at the foot of the market. And it was almost like putting sound blocking headphones on when you're sitting on the subway. All of a sudden everything melted away.

So as not to turn this into a novel, because i could write for days on this...lets get to the pictures!

First, thing in the morning, Andrew got this shot from our car. I love on so many levels!


And I have to post 2 myself because guess what..shocker! I can't decide...

School Girls at the Red Fort


2 girls at the Jami Masjid Mosque



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  1. Nice work Andrew!!! I agree with your wife it's an amazing shot...and of course Jami your portrait is beautiful.

    I'm so happy to be following you guys through this journey and wish I was there as well.

    As you find inspiration in the world I sit by my fire watching the snow fall. We have 3 feet so far and still coming down up here in the Catskills! so beautiful...Keep posting I look forward to tomorrow's delights.