Saturday, February 27, 2010

Did we really just see the Taj Mahal??

We havent had internet since we left Delhi a few days today, anxious to update our blog, after visiting the local markets, eating at a local place (telling the driver, PLEASE take us to a local place...not a tourist joint!) which was insanely good...we thought, lets try one of the 5 star hotels and see if they have wireless. Wow. We'll update more about this day later, but sitting here in the most gorgeous courtyard under a full moon, we are a world away from the India we've seen thus far...and we have wireless.

(from A.R.) I can say,without any hesitation and with a bit of pride that we Americans could not ask for a better good will ambassador than Jami Saunders Raible! People are instantly drawn to to the smile and the camera, asking to be photographed. Photos to come.

Aw shucks babe. Thanks. Anyway. Day 3 was Agra...the Taj Mahal...there really are no here is a movie...this was as we were seeing it. Knees shaking, it is more beautiful than I'd even imagined....

oh lafjakldjad fa! the video wont upload! and our wireless is about to expire! ok here's a pic of our taj visit for now! we'll try in Delhi tomorrow...on to the next day. jaipur!


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