Friday, March 26, 2010

Benefit Photography Show in the works

So we are back home, settling into life...with food/water our body is used to, proximity our parents prefer, and a language we recognize. All the while, trying to keep hold of the peacefulness we were entrenched with being surrounded by the Nepali people. Trying to delay the inevitable stresses that come with living in a city like New York, freelancing and racing against yourself and the sun each day to feel that your career moved a step ahead of where it is when the sun goes down and the moon comes up. Its a hunger that separates New Yorkers from much of the world, and is invigorating in itself. But i'm making efforts to hold on to what i learned on other side of the world. And to know that when darkness coats my world here, a new day is unveiled there.

Feel free to share any ideas with us over the next few months as we plan this show of our Nepal images as a benefit for the orphanage. Magazines, foundations, locations, that you think might be worth our research. We will be looking into donations for everything from space/location, printing, food/drink, marketing. Our ultimate goal being funding for each of the 41 kids for 2 basic things, food and education.

Wanted to upload an image in the meantime...of life outdoors..something I found beautiful over there, and even more so here, now that i've returned to the concrete jungle...


Happy Weekend to all.

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