Friday, March 19, 2010

Bon Voyage to the East

Today we board a plane out of Pokhara to Kathmandu...and begin our departure from here, arrival to there.

I'll be sad to leave...

*Nepali Milk Tea, pots and pots a day

*The kind and gentle people of India, Nepal, and Tibet.
Its really quite unreal. (example, Dharma, our travel agent we met here. We happened to book an internal Nepal flight with him, only to realize we sort of botched our return tickets to the States. Enter Dharma. He basically rode his motorcycle here or there. Gave our info to a friend who gave it to another friend. Blah blah. We have a changed ticket (that i bought on expedia-note to self and not book with expedia or any of those other services when you are flying internationally! trying to change those tickets is impossible from abroad)...
Anyway, Dharma hooked us up big time. And followed it all up with an invitation to his house for dinner. What? And there are so many examples of people like that here.

*The Himalayas in plain sight

*Getting closer to Tibet than I ever dreamed I would

*Roads with cars, bikes, motorbikes, cows, water buffalos, dogs, and chickens. Just because its entertaining.

*The look of the stores and cafes when the electricity is off. Lit only by candlelight. It feels timeless.

*The songlike "Namaste" to and from everyone as you walk down the street.

*And knowing that we are on the other side of the world from the kids at the orphanage that we grew to love. often throughout the days i think, now they are at school, now they are eating dinner. i miss them muchly and wish i could pack them all up in our backpacks and take them with us.

I'll be happy to get back to...


*Water i can drink

*the cat and dog

*And most of all, communication with YOU! family, friends, clients.

Thanks to all for reading our blog. We've read all your comments and emails. Apologies if we havent responded.

Here's an image or 2 from our yesterday. When we took a paddle boat out on the Phewa Tal in Pokhara.



Lots and lots of love.

See you soon!


  1. blue boat on gray water. hearts.

  2. LOVE this - the photos are stunning and the sentiments sweet and lovely - can't wait to hear more in NY soon. be well to both of you and safe journey.
    wd (whitney)