Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Taking R&R to the next level

It was a winding 7 hour bus ride from Kathmandu to Pokhara (we will opt for the 25 minute flight on the way back!) and somehow along the way, I managed to convince Andrew to try out a yoga/meditation center for a few days once we reached the lakeside town of Pokhara.

Let's just say we can check R&R off our list! Here was our schedule. Wake up gong at 5:45 am, followed by 1 hr meditation, a 1 hr walk, 1 hr yoga, super yum breakfast!, mud/steam bath, meditation again, lunch, tea/popcorn, chanting, afternoon yoga, and dinner! With everyone retiring to bed around 9pm! It was pretty fabulous. And just what we needed post-orphanage. We met some great people there too. I cant say that Andrew is going to turn into a yogi when we get home, but i can say he wasn't complaining during the 24 naps a day. (although the guru did kindly berate us one afternoon, telling us to avoid sleeping during meditation..but i couldnt help it! the moment he plays the soothing music and tells us to relax over and over, i was out!)

Right close to our yoga center is the trail for a hike to Sarangot. So before we checked out this morning, Andrew and I squeezed it in. I thought i'd seen the mountains...turns out I hadnt. Wow. This morning I feel like I feel like I actually saw Nepal! Unreal. We bought a Snickers bar at the top (for 4 days we'd had no dessert, no chocolate, so combine that with the Himalayas...we were feeling good).

We're on the countdown...less than a week until we head back home. And we saw on the news (today we had tv AND electricity) that springtime may officially be springing in New York. Nice one!

Will miss this country and its unbelievably sincere people. But I think we will be back. Its been an inspiring and heart warming trip...definitely the trip of a lifetime.

Love to all.

Pokhara, view from our yoga window, a far way from Kathmandu


Top of the world, early morning, Annapurna peaks


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