Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Love Cipro.

Ok, so I may have spoken too soon about the food...oy.

The good thing was that Andrew and I had already planned to come to Katmandu for the day/night and stay the night in a hotel with a hot shower and standing toilet (!)...we wanted to buy some things for the orphanage..basic kitchen supplies for one. Peeling potatoes with the back of a fork...we'll going to try and find a veggie peeler. Want to be careful not to offend them, many of their cooking ways are entrenched in Nepali the knife they It took me about 25 minutes to cut up 5 bunches of spinach, but then again, they can do it in no time.

Interestingly we've found out that these kids cannot be adopted, so everyone in the family can exhale! They can be sponsored for education, etc. but not adopted so says the Nepali government. 2 of the oldest kids are sponsored already so their "college" is paid for and next year when they must leave the orphanage, they will have some support. Yay.

Anyway, getting ready to head back to the orphanage now. We'll be there until the weekend. I'm actually really looking forward to getting back to the kids. Not the food or the accomodations, but the kids. I couldnt help but think last night as we were checking into this hotel, how amazing it would be to have any one of them with us, able to have a shower themselves and experience life on the other side.


A couple pictures of the kitchen, the food, and us!

Pushpa and Ude, the kids who most often cook, in the kitchen


Spinach (Sag)


Lentils (Dal)


The iphone!



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