Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Namaste from Kathmandu!

Wow. Well thankfully our trip to India has helped us grow accustomed to driving with people, animals, cars, motorcycles, and bikes on the road! Although here there are less animals and smaller roads. The part we are in, which pretty much seems like trekkers and backpackers central, almost feels like a ski town! With hippy shops and live bands playing. Only don't imagine the women in full length furs from Vail, CO!

Last night Andrew and I were having a wander around town, when all of a sudden little drops of rain started to come down. People started running...and we thought, what do they know that we dont?! Well, within 1-2 minutes literally, HAIL was coming down like i've never seen before! Pouring from sky. We ducked into a currency exchange shop and watched it. The cars stopped, the people disappeared and I took this picture of one of the rickshaws who stopped his bike and hid in the back seat it away from the hail. And I have to admit, I had bit of a brain freeze. Imagining I was back in New York, I thought, is that SALT? I'm so used to salt on the roads from the snow! Andrew looked at me like I was crazy....

We are preparing for our stay at the Orphanage. We are learning Nepalese and today we have a culture class...

Electricity is off for up to 16 hours a day here!! So, updates will be whenever possible! That whole saying of "turn off the lights, you're wasting electricity?!" Yeah, that makes sense now!

Tata (that's bye over here)




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  1. loving the updates! miss you guys. take some photos that you think will look good at the resto! xx