Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Hills Are Alive

So I cant help but be super excited right now...I have 5 bars on this internet connection! The best in 2 weeks! Woo hoo.

Culture class yesterday...we learned that most Nepalese marriages are arranged and most people do get married. When you're married, you move in with your husband and his family. And if he is the only son, you live there forever! If he has other brothers, I guess its rock paper scissors to see who stays. But someone definitely stays to watch over the folks as they get older. We asked, "what about the people that don't get along with their parents..what do they do?" We got a laugh in response. That doesnt happen. You get along with your parents. Everyone does!

We've seen a lot more of kathmandu lately..its actually much bigger than the maze of streets we'd seen before..much bigger than I'd imagined! I imagine if Nepalese people went to an amusement park, the roller coasters there would be a total bore for them. They've got the roads! Who needs the travelling county fair!

Here are pictures from our visit to the Monkey Temple. I went a little nuts with the Tilt Shift..but i think it gives this surreal vision to the environment, and that's what it is. Really trippy. Amidst the Himalayas. A Buddhist temple, prayer flags everywhere. Its downright trippy.

We took our last hot shower for the next 10 days today. I think internet will be sparse. Speak soon!







and the prayer wheel from Andrew
you spin it clockwise for blessings upon you...people walk by and spin 20 at a time.
its very serene...




  1. Thank you so much for sharing this photographic journey! The photos are amazing, as are the subjects. I love the selective focus in these shots. Is it a Lensbaby? I'm amazed that you can shoot and upload like this while traveling. Keep them coming!

  2. Love the hail storm shot...copy of that for sure will look great in the new art studio space!
    Brooklyn is wondering when you are heading back cause we really miss you...but we understand observing the world is much more exciting. looking forward to images of the next leg of the journey!
    couple of high fives to the kids
    good luck with that new alphabet you're learning to write!

  3. Hey Larisa

    Thanks for reading. Its not a Lens baby..its a tilt shift lens. i guess its a similar idea but with more precise controls, plus it can be evened out to use as a normal lens. We had a 50 mm. Thanks for reading!