Sunday, March 7, 2010

I doubt the word selfish even has a Nepali translation

These kids are amazing. Its hard to believe we've only been here for 4 days. I feel like i've known them for years. And there is no doubt that after this we will make every effort to know them forever. From the moment we walked into their world, they came at us with huge smiles and massive hearts. This is not depressing, it is humbling and it is inspiring.

The kids do not fight with each other, EVER. I handed out little bitty lipglosses to the girls one day. And a little while later some of them came up to me speaking Nepali and pointing to one of the girls. They were telling me that she did not get a lipgloss yet! (luckily i brought enough for everyone!) There is no fighting, there is no coveting what the other one has, there is no tug of war for anything. The way they look out for each other is incredible.

Andrew was playing baseball with them. And when one of the kids would strike out, they would say, give him another chance! They brush each other's hair, they dust each other off, they fill each other's water, and they call each other brother and sister. They are one big family. A mother, a father, and 41 siblings.

Moving part of the day...8 year old Liza gave me a tour of the orphanage when we arrived. When we got to her room (3 bunk bed sets, 2 kids per bed), she quickly picked up what was on the floor. Throwing shoes, blankets, water bottles, and hairbrushes behind the door so I wouldnt see. And when she was done she said "okay! come in!" My heart literally broke. (btw, you'll see her in some of the pictures, she's too much! she has a short little haircut, and has such a downtown sense of style!)

I have far too many stories to tell...for now, here are some pictures. We are in a little village outside kathmandu....with far less pollution and less noise. Stars at night, in lieu of electricity most nights, and sunshine everyday.


Here's Liza..who I spoke about above...


This is Bitisha. Absolutely adorable. Very eager to learn English any chance she gets.


Nisa. She seems much older than her years. She keeps to herself a bit, but is one of the smartest. And could not be any sweeter.


The kids wear uniforms to school. Even the little girls know how to tie ties! I know a few grown American men that don't even know how to do that!


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