Friday, July 9, 2010

36 Hours in Vancouver

We hit the ground running in Vancouver. We had only 36 hours before my fam was meeting us there to set sail to Alaska.
As usual, we did minimal research before arriving, which makes it that much more fun when we have a pretty killer time thanks to everyone we meet along the way!

It started with Marta...our waitress at Glowbal Grill in Yaletown. She was awesome! Sent us to Main Street, which we probably never would have found/done in such a short time, since it was a cab ride away. Reminded me a little of West 3rd Street in LA which I love.


On Main Street, we met our super uber helpful, quirky, and fun friend whose card we lost so i forgot her name! She gave us a ridiculous amount of tips and since her shop Eugene Choo was definitely my favorite on Main Street, I trusted what she had to say!


She sent us for a drink at Salt in Gastown, which is a super find since its down an alley literally called Blood Alley. Super swell, would fit in perfectly in Brooklyn. We even drank the same sparkling rose that our friend Frank served at a party only a few nights earlier as a reminder of the hangover we did actually get rid of.




From there, our bartender at Salt sent us to dinner at Bao Bei in Chinatown which by this point had been recommended by everyone else as well. And rightly so! Amazing cocktail with gin, grapefruit, and cava started it off. And then an assortment of other tasty morsels, of which i definitely remember the squid! If i'm back in vancouver, i'll be back to Bao Bei.

A stroll back to our hotel....



Next day!

The most amazing poached eggs ever. Seriously. Have you ever seen ORANGE eggs? They were from a different planet. The food on the west coast just seems to take organic to a different level!


Then we rented bikes and headed to Stanley Park. We got a little lost, but thankfully had time to stop and eat raspberries off the trees and didnt even miss the ship.



Groovy Trip! Thanks a lot Vancouver! We'll be back!

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  1. If I didn't know better, you two look like a couple of newlyweds!! What a fun place to be so in love! Thanks for sharing!
    Mom S.