Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chicago Darlings Part 1

Photographed a bunch of amazing families in Chicago a couple weeks ago...

and here's the first post!

Yael (mom) and I actually went to college together, and havent seen each other in eons. Thanks to Facebook, we recently connected...she sent me a super nice note about my work...where i then noticed that she lived in Chicago...where i had a trip planned in a couple weeks. Perfect!

We had an amazing time photographing her family. Oh my gosh...Benjamin with the golden locks. He tilts the happy scale to the max and is just too adorable. Baby sister Phoebe is following close behind and although she only has a couple teeth, she's practicing her older brother's smile! Which is all no surprise, because if i have one vision of Yael in college, it is one big puffy cloud of smile!

What a treat it was to photograph your family Yael!
All the best to you guys.








  1. beautiful pictures! how did we all grow up?? i still think that we're freshmen at wash u?

  2. it is pretty crazy isnt is laurin!! i still think we all look the same though. wink wink.