Thursday, August 19, 2010

1-80 from here to there and here again

I love maps.
I love globes.
And as great as the iphone and all other GPS gadgets are, there is nothing like a big huge roadmap for the car.
Who knew that basically one road (I-80) literally goes from NYC all the way to Chicago...straight through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois....of course it keeps going, but i didnt turn the page in the map book this trip.

Thought I'd share a few snaps from the road!

Andrew made hard boiled eggs for the road...and he packed little salt and pepper shakers. It was business class!


Andrew took this as we were driving...and i LOVE it!!


We actually pulled over in Pennsylvania to take this shot..there were so many lovely ponds all around, with the reflection, blah blah...and then a cop pulled up behind us! Hey, we've got New York plates! We dont see this kind of thing every day! Andrew said, "oh, we're just taking a picture of the pond." The cop looked up at checked out the pond, and then said, ok. I think i heard him mumble, crazy new yorkers. But i cant be sure.


Millenium Park, Chicago-awesome park, lame name


Chicago Architecture



Inside the ghost town Merch Mart


Northwestern University


photographed lots of lovelies in chicago...loads of posts on the way!

Hip Hip Hooray for summer roadtrips. I feel like I already want another one. Shisters.

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