Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Olivia + Kurt...E-session

An 'e-session' is one of the terms these days for an 'engagement session'...i like it i think...
its like one of those terms that you try to find a different word for, and eventually something sticks.
Engagement session just sounds lame.

like the word fiance
when we got engaged, i really thought that word was also super lame!
but as much as i tried to find a different word, this is my guy, my soon to be, my BF, my other half, ugh, gag, all of them make me cringe. alas, now i can call him my husband...which is not super lame at all, in fact is quite fun!

I digress!

Olivia + Kurt are getting hitched next year..and we'll be there for that!

But a few weeks ago we spent the day enjoying NYC...
a camera or two + two lovebirds + the rain that stayed away = loveliness.

Enjoy your e-days O+K!

(p.s. i loved when we were at the Standard, and a guy came over and said, 'my girlfriend and i have a bet..are you guys doing engagement pictures?' guess who won! yes, his GF had definitely heard of an engagement session...he on the other hand, might want to put it on the list of all the things he'll learn once he pops the question! )









  1. Simply beautiful! Great work, Jami! Love you O & K!
    ~Nicole Andrade

  2. These picture are simply marvelous! I love the way you catured the NY scene and vibe. LOVE IT!!

  3. Love the pics. and love you guys. God bless.
    Auntie, Uncle M & Jules

  4. Jami...we could not be happier with the results! Loved our "e-session" with you and the rain-less day in NYC!

  5. You guys are/were so much fun. And i love how much all your family and friends love you! Its perfectly understandable. So glad you like the pics. Cheers!

  6. Olivia and Kurt you look great! I love the pics! Beautiful! Great job Jami!